PD019-Pallet Racking

Choosing the right pallet racking system or combination of systems is essential for the efficiency of a warehouse or storage area.

We will help you select the right type of pallet racking system dependant on the following considerations:

  • The type of goods and stock keeping units (SKUs) you need to store.
  • The size and weight of your pallets
  • The amount of floor space available for the racking installation
  • The speed of throughput and pick rate
  • The type of handling equipment used

The most popular method of designing a pallet racking system is a wide aisle solution, where:

  • Most fork lift trucks can operate in aisles up to 4m wide
  • 100% immediate and unrestricted access to each pallet
  • No specialised materials handling equipment needed
  • Stock check and control is very easy

There are, however, a number of alternatives that can sometimes be considered when all of this criteria does not need to be met. Some of these options are described here http://panddprojects.advansys.build/category/warehouse-projects/item/dynamic-storage

Business Relocation

P&D are often called in when companies are moving premises. We can organise the dismantling and reinstallation of your existing racking, adding new components where needed to extend the height and reconfigure to suit the new warehouse.

Racking Repairs

Racking uprights can often get damaged as a result of impact with a fork lift truck. P&D Projects are very familiar with the many different manufacturers of pallet racking including Link 51, Apex, Dexion, Planned Storage, Hilo and many foreign systems. We can always source new components for you to replace and make good any damaged pallet racking.

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