PD005-Office Partitioning

From standard fire rated stud partitioning to elegant full height glass partitions, P&D Projects has both the extensive range and experience needed to provide your business with the best office partitioning systems.

What Is Partitioning?

Workplace partitioning is an easy to install and demountable way to convert your office environment by separating one larger space into several smaller spaces. Some of the more commonly used materials in office partitioning are glass, timber, or aluminium.

Not only is this method of dividing up your workspace a flexible way to create individual offices or meeting rooms, but it’s also a low-cost solution for optimising your workspace.

Office Partitioning From P&D – What’s Available?

Thanks to our diverse range of office partitioning products and our vast experience, we can provide your business with a variety of systems, here’s an example of some types of partitioning we regularly supply.

  • Glazed Partitioning
    Mid glazed or full height glass partitions; very attractive and help to maintain an open feel around the workspace.
  • Timber Partitions
    With a wide choice of finishes, these systems create a stylish look to an office environment. They are typically modular and demountable, so they can change as your business grows.
  • Aluminium & Stud Partitions
    Cost effective and quick to install. Plasterboard is fixed to the stud and track system and can then be decorated in any way you please.

Why Choose Us?

From the onset, our team will ensure that your new office layout and design not only meets your aesthetic requirements, but we will also make sure that it complies with all relevant building regulations. This includes fire safety, noise reduction, and access.

If you are interested and would like to see an example of our work in person, there are numerous offices and business premises around the M25, Berkshire and Home Counties that can be visited and act as working showrooms.

Create Your Ideal Office Environment With Commercial Interior Services From P&D

In addition to office partitioning systems our highly skilled team can also provide numerous other office interior services to optimise your workspace. These include but are not limited to suspended ceilings, office furniture, and workplace storage systems.

Would You Like To Make An Enquiry?

If you are interested in our partitioning services or any of our other commercial interior services for office environments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff using the information available below.

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    If you would prefer to make your enquiry using the internet, you can send any questions you have by email. Our email address is enquiries@panddprojects.co.uk.
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