PD006-Suspended Ceilings

Provide acoustic and thermal insulation, fire protection, and improve sound quality in your working environment with a suspended ceiling installation service from the team of commercial interior experts at P&D Projects.

What Is A Suspended Ceiling?

Sometimes known as a dropped ceiling, grid ceiling, or false ceiling, this installation is a ceiling that has space in between itself and the floor above.

The interior design solution has numerous advantages, for example they can be integrated into modular recessed lighting and air conditioning units. Additionally, they are also very beneficial with regards to creating a uniform aesthetic as they provide you with a manner of hiding irregularities in the ceiling design, or hiding any piping or wires that would otherwise be in view.

Another advantage of grid ceiling is that unlike plaster ceilings which can be expensive and time-consuming to repair, grid ceiling is easy to remove and reassemble if any repairs are needed.

What Businesses Can Benefit From A Dropped Ceiling?

A wide range of businesses can benefit from this commercial interior solution. Some of our previous clients include but are not limited to:

  • Schools And Colleges,
  • Hospitals,
  • Factories,
  • Hotels.

Why Choose P&D For Your False Ceiling?

The P&D Projects can provide a wide variety of services for suspended ceilings including supplying a box of replacement ceiling tiles on a supply-only basis. We can supply ceiling tiles from most of the major manufacturers, this includes:

  • Armstrong,
  • SAS,
  • Ecophon,
  • British Gypsum,
  • Rockfon.

However, if you would like to optimise your commercial/residential environment with a functional and aesthetically pleasing dropped ceiling, our team of commercial interior experts are available to quote for large scale installations.

Additionally, our commercial interiors team can also provide services for office partitioning, office furniture and workplace storage, providing you with the ideal workplace interiors service to create your ideal commercial environment.

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