PD004-Ancillary Products

There are a number of additional products and options that also need to be considered with your purchase of a mezzanine floor.


Staircases are usually needed for access on and off the new raised floor level. These are typically constructed from steel with hand railing on each side. There may be a requirement for an ambulant staircase for disabled access. Sometimes, the building regulations may also call for a lift to be installed.

An overview of the 3 different staircase regulations:

  • PART K COMPLIANT STAIRCASE - A900 mm wide tread with knee and top rail is required. Open stair treads made from chequer plate. The riser cannot exceed 190mm.
  • PART M COMPLIANT STAIRCASE - A 1200 mm wide fully enclosed tread with a top rail is required. A mid-landing is installed after a maximum of 11 treads.
  • PUBLIC ACCESS STAIRCASE - A 1200 mm Part M Compliant staircase with infill to handrail to leave no more than a 100mm gap.


Every mezzanine must be supplied with protection to the exposed edges. P&D Projects can offer a wide range of styles to suit your aesthetic requirements and budget.

Typically our standard industrial system consists of a hand and knee rail with a kick plate at the floor level.

Where aesthetics are important we can provide stainless steel handrailing with glass infill panels.


When you are loading pallets on and off a mezzanine floor, a pallet gate should be considered. This products ensures that there is always a physical barrier between the operative and the exposed edge of the mezzanine floor. They can be constructed to suit your typical pallet size and height and also installed retrospectively if needed.

Another option, where pallet movements are infrequent might be a sliding hand rail section. This is a cheaper alternative and, again can be installed retrospectively if you require.

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