PD001-Storage Platforms

A mezzanine floor is a quick way to increase the amount of available storage space in your factory or warehouse.

The floor effectively becomes a large storage platform, where you can store pallets and boxes, we can also provide shelving for archive and bulk storage purposes.

As long as your building is approaching 5m in height we can accommodate a storage mezzanine in your building with the minimum of disruption to your day to day business activities.

Usually, planning permission is not required for these free-standing storage structures, but if necessary we can assist and advise you with regards to fire protection and any disability regulations that may apply.

Pallet gates and sliding hand rail sections can also be fitted to act as a safety barrier and to ease the loading of products on and off the mezzanine, we can also install a steel checker plate landing platform to provide protection for the decking material.

In a busy distribution depot, powered conveyors are quite often integrated into the design to increase productivity and speed up the goods in/goods out process.

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