Workplaces come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from office locations to industrial warehouses. As such in order to meet the shelving needs of different workplaces we provide a wide range of shelving systems.

Shelving Solutions Available From P&D Projects

Our team can provide businesses with a wide range of solutions to meet their shelving needs. This includes the following:

  • Light Duty Commercial Shelving.
    If you're searching for a shelving storage solution with slim profile shelves and frames, light duty commercial shelving could be the solution for you. Indeed, the slim profile minimises the amount of waste linear space, allowing you to optimise the use of the storage area. Additionally, with a neat and co-ordinated appearance, this style of shelving is ideal for use in office spaces and commercial environments.

  • Heavy Duty Shelving.
    With to regards to shelving systems for heavy duty storage, our standard shelves will support loads of up to 200kg (440lbs). However, if you need to store heavier items or equipment, you can specify heavy or extra heavy duty for a more demanding storable environment.

    In addition to supporting heavy items, the heavy duty shelving available from P&D Projects offers almost limitless scope with regards to the creation of customised storage thanks to the modular design of the shelving system.

  • Mobile Shelving.
    When you need to condense storage systems in order to create additional office space, or if you need to option to create additional storage space, mobile shelving can be a fantastic storage solution.

    With a mobile shelving storage solution from P&D Projects, you can enjoy up to a 30% increase in storage over conventional static shelving and 100% increase from the storage you get with filing cabinets.

  • Longspan Shelving.
    This style of shelving is limited only by your imagination. Longspan shelving can accommodate for both simple low-rise set-ups and large scale heavy duty storage facilities.

    Additionally, this style of shelving can be assembled within minutes. This means that shelving projects which many would consider to be too ambitious could be realised with Longspan shelving.

  • Rivet Budget Shelving.
    This style of general purpose shelving is arguably one of the most common types of stockroom and warehouse shelving. It is an easy to assemble shelving system, requiring only a rubber mallet, additionally thanks to 18mm FSC-certified sustainable chipboard shelves as standard, it is a cost effective solution.

  • Multi-Tier Shelving.
    If you need a storage system for high density order picking or a stock keeping scenario, a multi-tier shelving system would be the perfect storage solution.
    The walkways on the multi-tier shelves are built in the racks; creating a 'mezzanine type storey'. Indeed, we combine shelving with conveyors, hand railing, pallet gates, and staircases in much the same way as we do for our mezzanine floors.

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