PD015-Heavy Duty Shelving

If you need a heavy duty shelving unit, Euro Shelving from Stormor is the ideal solution.

Simply put, this shelving system is the ideal answer for all heavy duty storage needs. It has a simple design with stand alone single units and multi-level storage bays. This means that not only is the shelving system simple to use, but it allows for the basic storage bays to be constructed in a matter of minutes.

Key Features & Benefits Of Euro Heavy Duty Shelving:

  • Quick & Easy To Install,
  • Outstanding Versatility Makes It Great For A Range Of Applications,
  • Highly Customisable With A Diverse Collection Of Accessories,
  • Multi-Level Options Extend To 4 Tiers Providing Lots Of Storage Space,
  • Protected Against The Growth Of Bacteria & Fungi.

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Stormor Euro Shelving – The Ideal Solution For Your Heavy Duty Shelving Needs

Modular in design the heavy duty system from Stormor provides an easy to assemble system with limitless scope. This modular shelving unit supports the creation of customised storage facilities, including a complimentary range of accessories to further extend the capabilities of this powerful and diverse range.

Stormor Euro Shelving uses unique shelf support clips which simply slot into place; allowing for quick and easy repositioning without compromising on load requirements. The standard shelves will support loads of up to 200kg (approx 440lbs), however if you're looking for something supportive of heavier weights, there's the option to specify for extra heavy duty in order to meet the needs of more demanding storage environments.

Additionally, the heavy duty shelving is designed and installed to conform to international quality standards, BS EN ISO 9001. 1994 and Quality Assessment Schedule (QAS) 3204/274 issue 2, Categories A, B & C.

Protect Your Business From Bacteria & Fungi

All Stormor Shelving and Euro Shelving systems come with BioCote protection, which is a patent protected and proven coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, which under some circumstances could have serious if not life-threatening consequences. This BioCote protection reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency, making it ideal for use in not only healthcare and food processing environments, but also environments such as offices, potentially saving your company money. After all, just consider how many days of productivity your business misses out on due to employee sickness.

What About Businesses With Limited Space?

We understand that whilst many businesses would like to install heavy duty storage that can support up to 200kg, not every business has the space available to support such heavy duty units. However, in these circumstances the Euro Shelving units from Stormor Systems are the ideal choice. They function superbly well in areas where space is limited, allowing businesses to make the most of the available space thanks to their surprisingly large capacity, and with options for both mobile and two-tier systems. Additionally, the Euro Shelving units allow you to increase the storage capacity of space-sensitive areas; enabling your storage capabilities to grow as your business does.

Why Should You Choose P&D Projects?

In addition to the heavy duty shelving solutions available, we can also provide a diverse range of shelving installations to meet the different needs of various industries. Our services for shelving solutions include both multi-tier shelving, budget solutions, and light duty shelving designed for workshops and a range of commercial spaces such as offices.

Our installation services include but are not limited to:

  • Light Duty Shelving,
  • Longspan Shelving,
  • Rivet Budget Shelving,
  • Multi-Tier Shelving,
  • Hazchem Storage Solutions.*

*Please note that our Hazchem storage services include storage solutions for hazardous materials include material stores and storage vaults, as well as the typical yellow hazardous storage cabinets and cupboards for all types of Hazchem storage and handling. Our storage vaults are suitable for both internal and external usage and are designed to comply with Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972), offering a wide range of safety features.

We work hard to ensure that every project, both large and small, is completed to meet the customer's specific requirements and within the timescale specified. Our skilled designers and craftsmen pride themselves in attention to detail. However, don't just take our word for it, here's what one of our previous clients said about our services;

“Professional, competitive and always with a sense of humour to hand they did an outstanding job."

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