PD016-Mobile Shelving

A mobile shelving system can either condense your current storage requirements down into a much smaller footprint, to create additional office space, or it can be used to increase the storage potential of a given area.

This simple solution removes the need for aisles and can use the full height of your office space. With up to 30% increase in storage over conventional static shelving and 100% increase from the storage you get with filing cabinets, this solution is becoming increasingly popular when office space rental is at a premium.

The mobile bases run along a track which we fit to your floor. This low profile track can be fitted in top of existing carpet and also onto raised access flooring so there is very little disruption to your business during installation.

The shelving we supply on top of the mobile bases generally comes from our Stormor shelving range. This can be configured and set up bespoke to your needs with regards to quantity of shelves, shelf pitch and accessories.

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