PD010-Archive Storage

There are many solutions available for the long term storage of archive storage boxes. Dependant on the quantity of boxes to be stored and the retrieval pattern you require, we can supply one of our many static shelving systems, mobile shelving systems or high bay, high density pallet racking systems with walkways.

Static Shelving

Most businesses have a requirement to store a quantity of recent job files, customer records or other files and paperwork.

Our rivet shelving system lends itself perfectly to this application and can be supplied very quickly and cheaply.

Mobile Shelving

A mobile shelving system makes better use of the available space in an archive area as it only requires one aisle. When a document or file is required the shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle created by moving the mobile shelving units apart.

Tiered Pallet Racking Installations

Specialist archive companies often require a tiered structure constructed from our pallet racking system. Walkways and staircases are built into the structure to allow for operatives to retrieve and store boxes. Pallet landing areas are supplied to minimise the amount of hand balling required and trolleys can be used up and down the aisles to speed up this process.

These tiered structures require some consideration to building regulations regarding fire protection and means of escape. P&D can advise you accordingly.

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