PD022-Industrial Partitioning Systems

Our range of industrial partitioning systems are available in single skin, double skin or mesh panels.

Typically used to construct offices and internal walling, the systems are demountable which means we can reconfigure in the future if your needs change.

Single Skin Steel Partitioning

A cost effective product that offers great strength a durability, whilst providing secure areas of the workplace. Doors and glazed modules can be incorporated into the design, or the system can be multi-tiered to completely section areas off.

Double Skin Steel Partitioning

A modular system that allows us to create offices or enclosures where insulation and sound proofing are required. A very versatile and durable system that can be supplied in many different colours. Applications include industrial canteens, laboratories and display areas. We can also supply a proprietary suspended ceiling in a wide range of styles.

Mesh Partitioning

A very competitively priced way to form cages, protect machinery or restrict/control access into sensitive areas of the workplace, factory or warehouse. Easily constructed from modular panels, this system can also be demounted and reconfigured if your needs change in the future.

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