PD022-Industrial Partitioning Systems

If you’re searching for a partitioning system to construct offices and interior walling, the P&D Projects team can provide a range of industrial partitioning services including both single skin and double skin options.

Industrial Partitioning From P&D Projects.

A total of three options of industrial partitioning systems are available from P&D Projects. However, it is important to note that typically the systems are demountable, which means we can reconfigure them in the future if your business’ partitioning needs change.

  • Single Skin Steel Partitioning.
    This form of steel partitioning provides strength and durability at a cost effective price. This design can also be customised with the addition of doors and glazed modules. Additionally, the system can be multi-tiered to completely section areas off; providing secure areas of the workplace.

  • Double Skin Steel Partitioning.
    With a double skin system, we are able to create offices or enclosures that are insulated or sound proofed. Double skin is a very versatile and durable system; it can be used in industrial canteens, laboratories, and display areas. Additionally we can also supply double skin partitioning systems in a variety of different colours and we can also supply a proprietary suspended ceiling in a wide range of styles.

  • Mesh Partitioning.
    If you’re searching for a competitively priced way to form cages in order to protect machinery or restrict access into sensitive areas of a warehouse/factory, we recommend utilising a mesh partitioning system.

    Indeed, this form of partitioning is built from modular panels and can be demounted, as such it can be reconfigured as your needs change and due to its modular nature, it can be easily constructed.

What Other Warehouse Solutions Are Available?

The P&D Projects team can provide a wide range of storage services for warehouses in addition to industrial partitioning solutions. This includes options for dynamic storage, pallet racking, cantilever racking, and solutions for warehouse safety.

If you would like more information regarding any of the warehouse storage solutions that are available from our team, please contact a member of staff using the information available at the bottom of this page.

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