PD021-Warehouse Safety

Consideration for the welfare of staff in today's workplace is clearly of prime concern for all companies and line managers.

The warehouse, in particular, contains many potential hazards and we are fully aware of the latest statutory requirements. We also have a wide range of additional products that can all assist in keeping people, stock and machinery safe.


Our barriers come in all shapes, styles and sizes and are typically used for protecting a pedestrian route through a warehouse. We also provide armco safety barriers for a wide range of uses, sometimes to protect the end of runs of racking or tunnels through racking.

We always like to install column protection when we supply a new racking system, as these are relatively cheap when compared to stripping down a bay of racking to repair a damaged upright. We can also fit upright protection retrospectively if needed.

Load Notices

Load Notices should be plainly visible on all pallet racking systems. These simple, plastic signs give the maximum load capacity of each storage level and also the total maximum bay load. All of our new installations will be supplied as standard, but we can also supply these to your existing racking following an inspection.

Anti-Collapse Mesh Screening

A mesh screen at the back of you pallet racking will ensure that any loose items, product or boxes cannot fall off the back of the rack potentially harming a pedestrian. These are obviously mainly required where the racking sits near or backs onto a pedestrian walkway.


Signage plays an important role in any warehouse, notifying warehouse staff as to potential dangers, hazards, safe working loads and mandatory requirements.

We carry a huge range of aisle markers, magnetic label holders, bay markers and floor signs, all available straight from stock.

Safety Inspections

P&D Projects would be happy to visit your warehouse if you have any concerns over any health and safety aspect. Typically, this inspection should be carried out annually, a full safety report can then be submitted to you.

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