If you're searching for a high quality tyre racking in Maidenhead storage solution, get in touch with the P&D Projects team. Indeed, tyre racking in Maidenhead is a particular niche of ours and we deal with many top names in the motor industry on a regular business.

If you're interested in tyre racking systems,give the P&D Projects team a call on 01344 623100. A free onsite consultationcan be arranged very quickly where we can start to understand your needs. Afull CAD drawing presentation and free no obligation quotation will besubmitted within a few days of this meeting.

Tyre Racking in Maidenhead Services From P&D Projects.

When you're searching for a storage solution for tyres, it's important that you find an efficient method that maximises the use of space. As a tyre racking supplier, the P&D projects team have worked with well known brands in the motor industry including some of the UK's leading tyre wholesalers. Some of these top names include Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and VW.

The tyre racking system from P&D Projects is an extremely robust system. It can easily withstand the rigours of the tyre and automotive industry for many years. Additionally, we have a huge range of different widths and heights available, however the bay depth is always 450mm in order to ensure that tyres are safely held within the front and back beams.

Longspan Shelving Systems

Our racks are derived from our Longspan shelving systems. As such, they can be safely left free-standing up to three levels high. However, they can be bolted to the floor; providing the additional stability required in order to contain four storage levels. Additionally, we can provide these bolts for you.

What Other Automotive Storage Solutions Are Available?

In addition to tire racking storage services for businesses

and warehouses in the automotive industry, we can also supply a range of automotive storage solutions. Some of the solutions available include but are not limited to, services for exhaust and panel storage, part department shelving, and storage solutions for workshop equipment.

If you would like more information regarding any of the storage services available from the P&D Projects team, please contact a member of staff using the information available at the bottom of this page.

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