If you're searching for a cost effective way to increase the floor space in your commercial building, have you considered mezzanine floors?

Our mezzanine floors are designed bespoke for every application and conform to British Standards in terms of structural integrity, disabled access, and building regulations.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that planning permission is rarely required for these free standing and demountable structures. However, consideration is still needed as it is important to ensure that the new storey is safe for your workforce to use.

What Is A Mezzanine Floor? What Applications Can The Floor Be Used For?

They can be used for a variety of different applications such as creating additional office space, creating a new production area, building warehouse mezzanine floors or constructing industrial mezzanine floors. Additionally they can provide your business with additional storage space.

A Mezzanine floor is a floor level that is constructed between two main floors in a building. For example, this could be in the form of a balcony.

What Mezzanine Floor Services Are Available From P&D Designs?

You can browse through numerous different mezzanine services on our website. They include but are not limited to:

  • Storage Platforms
    Our mezzanine floor services for storage mezzanines are ideal for warehouses and factories. They provide businesses with a large platform on which they can store pallets and boxes; additionally, we can also provide shelving for archive and bulk storage use.

    Pallet gates and sliding hand rail sections can also be fitted to act as a safety barrier and to ease the loading of products on and off the mezzanine. Also, if you would like to provide protection for the decking material, we can also install a steel checker plate landing platform.

    Additionally, if you're looking to increase productivity and speed up the goods in/goods out process, you could integrate powered conveyors into the design.

  • Office Accommodation
    When combined with electrics, partitions, suspended ceilings, and staircases, mezzanine flooring can be a fantastic steel structure to integrate a new floor level into your office premises. It's arguably one of the more cost effective ways of accommodating new staff or creating new office space.

    P&D Projects can provide a full turnkey solution to incorporate every element required to create an office workspace, including decoration, flooring, office furniture, data cabling, lighting, and air conditioning aspects. This ensures minimal disruption and fuss whilst your premises is being transformed.

  • Fire Protection
    Sometimes in order to satisfy building regulations, a mezzanine floor may require additional items in order to protect the underside of the flooring. It is worth noting that not all mezzanine floors require fire protection measures. For example, floors which are used for storage which occupy less than 50% of the room and are less than 20 metres in length don't need fire protection.

    However, intermediate floors which are in excess of 20 metres, or if they are used for office accommodation, they do require fire protection measures. In the event of a fire, regulations require one hour of fire protection; providing time for people inside to vacate the premises and go to the pre-determined fire assembly point.

    In order to provide this hour of fire protection, our team can provide products such as: suspended ceilings, column casings, smoke detection, and fascia panels.

  • Ancillary Products
    Ancillary items are additional items which are used with main equipment in order to create or improve a system. As such, it's crucial that careful consideration is placed upon ancillary products. After all, they could be vital to the smooth operations of your business.

    Every mezzanine structure must be supplied with adequate protection to any exposed edges. However, safety isn't the only consideration; you should also think about the aesthetics. Would a safety rail with hand and knee rails, and a kick-plate at the floor level; match your interior design? Alternatively perhaps a stainless steel handrail with glass infill will better suit your business' decor?

    Hand railing isn't the only important ancillary product you need to consider. It's also important to identify if you need pallet safety features, such as a pallet gate or a sliding hand rail. Additionally, it's also essential that you pay close attention to staircase regulations in order to ensure that your mezzanine staircases are compliant. For example, in order to maintain part K compliance, a 00 mm wide tread with knee and top rail is required, open stair treads made from chequer plate, and the riser cannot exceed 190mm.

    Additionally, you may also consider installing other forms of staircase ancillary products. For example, you could install an ambulant staircase for disabled access, or perhaps installing a lift in order to comply with building regulations.

Professional Commercial And Office Storage Solutions From P&D Projects

P&D Projects have supplied and installed numerous mezzanine flooring solutions to businesses across the Berkshire, Surrey, and Hampshire areas. Our skilled designers and craftsmen pride themselves on their attention to detail and our hard work ensures that every project is completed to meet both the specific requirements and the specified timescale.

If you are interested in our mezzanine flooring solutions, you can learn more by clicking “view more details" on the options above. However, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team of professionals.

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