Unsure if your business could benefit from industrial partitioning? Here's a list of three reasons why you should consider modifying your workplace with a commercial interiors service.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Industrial Partitioning

  1. Provide A Boost To Productivity
    If you partition a workspace, such as an office environment or a storage area; you can significantly boost productivity. This is because the partitioning allows teams of workers to focus on their tasks without being distracted by other areas where people may be doing different things. Additionally, it can also provide a sense of morale and camaraderie as co-workers doing similar tasks will be working close together and thus able to assist each other should the need arise.

    Additionally, it's also worth nothing that partitioning could also increase the amount of natural light in the building. It's widely known that boosting the amount of natural light into a working environment is very beneficial for employee wellbeing, and there are numerous studies to suggest that wellbeing and productivity are linked. After all, happy employees are hard working employees.

  2. Ensure Your Premises Is Well Organised
    If your premises is not organised in an orderly fashion, it can have serious implications on your bottom line. In a warehouse, it is very important that staff are able to find and pick items quickly and efficiently. A few moments delay on one item could result in a chain reaction causing a significant time delay later on in the day, a delay which could be very costly to your business.

    However, if you opt to partition the warehouse environment, you'll be able to create specific areas for specific items, thus minimising the amount of time employees spend searching and thus boosting efficiency.

    Additionally, improving the organisation of your premises is beneficial to a variety of different workplace environments, not merely warehouses. For example, office environments can use partitioning to minimise distractions, keeping phone call staff in one area that utilises acoustic design to minimise the amount of noise leaking into areas of concentration where other employees are working on other tasks.

  3. Improve Security
    Installing the correct partitioning system can also increase the security of your business and employees that are working on site.

    For example, a warehouse could use partitions that include wire mesh in order to protect employees, or utilise partitioning to provide protection from hazardous materials which may be stored in a warehouse. Additionally, with regards to office environments, you could improve security by using partitions with double skin steel partitioning.

What Partitioning Services Are Available From P&D Projects?

P&D Projects can provide a diverse range of commercial interior partitioning systems, below is an example of some of the types of partitioning that we regularly supply.

  • Glazed Partitioning
    A mid glazed or full height glass partition is a very attractive way to maintain an open feeling throughout the working environment. Additionally, the use of glass partitioning can boost the amount of light in the workplace, increasing employee wellbeing and productivity.
  • Timber Partitions
    One of the advantages of timber as a building material is the wide range of finishes that are available. As such, you'll be able to partition your workplace and create a stylish environment at the same time. Additionally, as these styles of partitions are typically modular and demountable, you'll be able to change and modify the working environment as your business grows.
  • Aluminium & Stud Partitions
    Partitions made from these materials are both cost effective and quick to install, saving both time and money. Once installed, plasterboard is fixed to the stud and track system, which allows you to decorate the partitioning in any way that you please. This makes it a great material choice for a variety of different workplaces ranging from storage facilities to office environments.

Why Should You Choose P&D?

There are numerous businesses throughout the country that can provide industrial partitioning services, so why should you choose P&D Projects, what makes our business special?

From the onset, our team will ensure that your new layout and design not only meet your requirements with regards to aesthetics, but we will also make sure that the partitioning design is compliant with all relevant building regulations. This includes noise reduction, access, and fire safety.

If you would like to learn more information about our work, why not visit and see an example of our work in person? There are numerous offices and business premises around the M25, Berkshire and Home Counties that can be visited and act as working showrooms.

Give Your Workplace The Boost It Needs – Call Our Team Today

In addition to providing partitioning systems, we can also provide a wide variety of interior services to optimise your workplace. This includes but is not limited to, suspended ceilings, workplace storage systems, and mezzanine floor services.

If you are interested in any of the commercial interior services available from our team, please do not hesitate to use the information below to contact a member of staff.

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