It's important to remember that tyres age both when in storage and when in use, however with regards to tyres in tyre racking storage, the location could seriously impact their integrity.

Could Your Tyre Storeroom Be Harmful To Your Tyres?

Numerous different factors can lead to tyre deterioration and as such, it is vital to their integrity that you seek to minimise any issues that could negatively affect your tyres.

Issues That Your Tyres Face

Some of the following issues that can affect your tyres whilst in storage are:

  • Humidity
    A term used to describe how much water vapour is present in the air, humidity is measured through a hygrometer and can be controlled through a dehumidifier.

    Humidity can cause the density of the air to change. For example, air which is dry is heavier and more dense than humid air, which is often quite confusing as this means that air is lighter if there is more water inside it. This is because whilst water the liquid is heavier than air, water vapour the gas is lighter than nitrogen or oxygen.

    In order to stop humidity from negatively affecting your tyres, make sure that you store them in an environment where the humidity is not high enough to cause condensation on the tyres.

  • Temperature
    There is relationship between a change in temperature and a change in pressure. This means that when the outside temperature changes, the pressure inside the tyre will be affected.

    For example, in colder weather, your tyre pressure will be significantly lowered – especially if you set the pressure during hot summer months. As such, tyre pressure should be checked every month.

    However, it is very important that you do not reduce the pressure of warm tyres. This is because once the tyre cools down it could decrease to a pressure level below the minimum amount which could result in serious negative consequences.

  • Lighting
    It isn't just sunlight that can be harmful to tyres. Intense artificial light with high ultraviolet content can also be very damaging to the tyre.

    Additionally, artificial lighting such as fluorescence lamps or mercury vapour lamps can produce ozone, which can cause serious deterioration to tyres. As such, your tyre storeroom should not contain either of these types of lighting.

  • Length Of Storage
    Sometimes over a long period of storage, a tyre can develop strong deformities. This could cause the tyre to break whilst under stress; such as when pressurised. This means that you should always use a racking system that is compatible with the tyres you wish to store.

The Ideal Tyre Storeroom

The ideal storeroom for tyres will be a dark room with humidity controlled to a low level and with temperature that is below 15 centigrade, but not below freezing. A tyre should also be secured in a compatible racking system that prevents tyres from falling. If a tyre is dropped from a height greater than 1.5 meters, the tyres could be significantly damaged in such a manner that they cannot be safely mounted to a vehicle.

Automotive Racking Solutions From P&D Projects

Tyre racking is a particular niche of ours and we deal with many top names in the motor industry on a regular business. Several of which include some of the UK's leading tyre wholesalers; with top names such as, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and VW.

The racking system for tyres from P&D Projects is an extremely robust system. It can easily withstand the rigours of the tyre and automotive industry for many years. They can be safely left free-standing up to 3 levels high, or they can be bolted to the floor to provide four storage levels. Additionally, we have a huge range of different widths and heights available, however the bay depth is always 450mm in order to ensure that tyres are safely held within the front and back beams.

We can also supply wide range of workshop storage equipment for automotive storage solutions. The P&D team work in partnership with Bott, this allows us to provide workshop equipment to suit every budget with bespoke requirements being dispatched usually within just a couple of weeks.

Get In Touch With Our Team To Make An Enquiry

Our team can provide our services for tyre racking across Berkshire, Surrey, Middlesex, London, and the UK. In addition to the automotive industry, we can also provide storage and refurbishment solutions for storage, shelving, commercial interiors, and warehouse projects.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team pride themselves on their attention to detail; working hard to ensure that every project is completed to meet the customer's specific requirements and within the timescale specified. If you would like additional information regarding any of the services that are available from the P&D Projects team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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