If your warehouse is suffering from poor workplace efficiency, perhaps you're not currently utilising the best suited system and as such your warehouse could benefit from a different pallet racking system? However, how do you know what system you should you?

Before you make any changes to your storage environment, consider this list of 5 things to think about.

Pallet Racking Installations; 5 Things To Think About

1. The Load Capacity
It's essential that your pallet racking system is the appropriate thickness in order to safely support itself whilst holding the weight of whatever you are storing on the pallet racking installation. So make sure that you work out each individual level of the installation, not just the total level, after all you wouldn't want to overload one section of the racking.

2. Your Picking Method
If you're picking by hand, this significantly reduced the available height your racking can achieve. However, on the other hand if you used forklift machinery, you'll have to increase the amount of space between each rack in order to allow for the forklift machinery to be safely manoeuvred.

If you decide to use a forklift, make sure you check the height capabilities of the forklift so that you don't run the risk of installing racking systems that are too high.

3. How Is The Racking Constructed?
Pallet racking systems can be installed in a variety of different ways. Some utilise welded construction, which can have a low installation cost whilst still providing great strength. Other alternatives could be bolted pallet racking or racking which utilises clips. The latter two options are ideal for those who are concerned about re-configuring their setup or repairing their setup, as bolts and clips can be removed and reattached in a swift and simple manner should you requirements or needs change.

4. The Available Space
To keep things simple, whatever racking or storage solution you consider, you need to make sure that you have enough space to securely store it. It might seem a bit obvious to say 'make sure you have the space available', however the height of a loaded pallet is an important part of the design, so it's essential that you have all the space and dimensions carefully considered before ordering a pallet racking installation.

5. Safety
Whilst issues such as efficiency and profit are very important; safety comes first.

P&D can provide a wide range of services to address safety concerns for example, barriers, load notices, and anti-collapse mesh screening. Additionally, for those businesses that are unsure what safety equipment and measures are best suited to their needs, our team can provide an inspection service addressing concerns regarding any health and safety aspect and providing a full safety report.

How Can P&D Help Your Business With Pallet Racking Installation?

The P&D Projects team can help you businesses with their pallet racking installations and storage needs in three different ways. We can provide professional installation services, pallet racking relocation services, and we can provide repairs to damaged pallet racking.

Racking Installation

In order to get the most out of the available space in your warehouse, it's essential that you consider the physical space between each rack. The aisles must have enough space for your employees to comfortably move between the racks and operate appropriate machinery such as forklifts. However be careful not to provide too much empty space as this could result in a less optimised warehouse environment. If you are unsure what type of racking system or combination of systems is required for your warehouse or storage area, do not worry. The P&D Projects team will be happy to help you select the right system.

Pallet Racking Relocation

P&D Projects are often called in to assist businesses who are moving premises. Our talented team of professionals can organise the dismantling and reinstallation of your existing racking, and adding new components where needed to extend the height and reconfigure to suit the new warehouse.

Racking Repairs

Racking can be damaged in a variety of different ways, such as an impact from a forklift truck. In such a situation, it is of upmost importance that swift repairs are carried out. Our repair team are familiar with a wide variety of different pallet rack manufactures; including but not limited to Link 51, Apex, Dexion, Planned Storage, and Hilo. However, if your rack was manufactured by a different business, don't worry; get in touch with our team and we'll see what we can do to help.

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