When organising your warehouse storage it's understandable if you're feeling overwhelmed by the different choices available to you. Today we're going to give you a helping hand in the decision making process with this list of pros and cons comparing static storage and dynamic storage .

What's The Difference?
Simply put, in a static storage area each product is assigned a specific area, whereas in dynamic storage, product locations and fluid and as such are subject to change. Neither method of storage is outright better than the other; however certain situations do make one particular method more advantageous. This means that in order to maximise efficiency of your warehouse operations, you need to consider which method of storage would be best suited to your business.

Static Vs Dynamic Storage: The Pros & Cons

To give you a helping hand in understanding which method of storage is best suited to your business, here's a quick list of pros and cons of both static and dynamic storage.

  • The Advantages Of Static Storage
    Utilising static storage solutions are very useful when you need to store product overflow. For example, in a location where you might store reserve items. This allows you to focus on a highly dense storage solution, instead of an easily navigable storage solution as products will likely remain in place for a length of time.

  • The Disadvantages Of Static Storage
    Static storage is very useful for occasions when you want to store items for a length of time, as it allows you to utilise double-deep racking which offers high density storage solutions. However, if you encounter an occasion where you need to quickly replenish stock from a static storage warehouse, you might find that it takes significantly longer to do so due to the nature of static storage setups.

  • The Advantages Of Dynamic Storage
    Dynamic solutions which are also known as forward pick systems are very efficient for use in sections of warehouses where items are removed for product fulfilment. This method of storage is very useful when you need to reduce the amount of time it takes to collect products.

  • The Disadvantages Of Dynamic Storage
    Whilst a dynamic system is very useful for fast moving storage environments where products are frequently leaving the storage warehouse for fulfilment, if there is a lull in product movement, the dynamic nature of the storage environment could be disadvantageous.

What Setup Should You Use?

If you are searching for storage solutions where you want to store a high volume of items for a long period of time, a static setup would likely be more useful. However, if you would like to design a storage facility in which products will frequently be sent out for fulfilment, a dynamic area will be more advantageous.

What Storage Options Can P&D Products Provide?

The experienced team at P&D Projects can provide a wide range of storage services for warehouses including both dynamic and static options.

With regards to dynamic solutions, you could opt for a bull stack pallets system which could help you to maximise the available space, however you could alternatively choose a double deep system which has a relatively low cost.

However, if you would prefer to utilise a static system, the Stormor Shelving System available from P&D Projects comes in a wide range of different sizes and can be customised with an unrivalled set of accessories.

What Other Warehouse Services Are Available?

The P&D Projects team are highly experienced in providing professional storage and interiors services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mezzanine Floors – to create storage platforms or office accommodation.
  • Commercial interiors – to provide partitioning or install a suspended ceiling.
  • Warehouse Projects – including racking and safety installations.
  • Storage Solutions – ranging from archive storage to hazchem and external solutions.
  • Shelving Systems – a variety including both light duty shelving and multi-tier shelving.
  • Facilities Equipment – including cloakroom, environmental control, and more.

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