PD023-Cantilever Racking

If you need to store long, awkward, and bulky materials, you need a racking system that doesn't create vertical obstructions in the storage, you need Cantilever Racking.

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What Is Cantilever Racking?

The word cantilever means 'a beam which is anchored at only one end'. In a cantilever rack system, bases are anchored to the floor ready to connect to the unit's uprights, providing stabilisation for the racking system. The racking's columns/uprights connect to these bases and are installed with holes to allow the cantilever arms to be connected; this creates the storage levels.

Additionally, this method of racking is available with both single and double sided uprights, allowing for the system to be designed to meet your own bespoke requirements. The main advantage of this type of system is that it can be designed to virtually any length with high weight capacities. Braces can also be installed between the uprights in order to provide additional strength and rigidity.

What Can This Type Of Racking Be Used For?

The cantilever storage system is the optimum way to store long and heavy products. As such, this storage style is often found in timber yards and builder's merchants. Some of the materials that can be stored sheet materials, tubes, bars, and rods. Additionally, this type of racking can be modified with accessories such as overhead canopies to protect the stock from the elements, options for cladding to create protected areas, mesh and timber decking, additional support for heavy building materials, and finally you can modify the system with a diverse selection of painted and galvanised finishes to suit a variety of applications.

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