The Brief

Client: Audi Dealership

Industry: Motor vehicle showroom and service centre

Products: Longspan Tyre Racking / Pallet Racking / Anti-Collapse Mesh Screen

Location: Midlands

Date: August 2014

The Solution

P&D were recently asked to provide a tyre storage solution for a busy Audi dealership. There were two areas where the tyres were being bulk stacked, on a mezzanine floor and in the tyre fitting bay. A new layout and a tyre racking solution would improve retrieval and help maximise the storage capacity of these two areas.

The service manager asked P&D to provide a solution that would allow for the storage of 200 tyres. In order to maximise the amount of racking P&D could supply, they needed to use a variety of beams widths to give the maximum linear storage the areas would allow.

Two anti-collapse mesh screens were also provided as the tyre racking bays backed onto pedestrian routes through the service centre.

Height was restricted on the mezzanine floor level, so the tyre racking bays could only be supplied with two storage levels. The tyre fitting bay had plenty of headroom so the standard bays with three tyre storage levels we supplied.

The installation only took a few hours and P&D had completed the installation within 2 weeks of the initial order.

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P&D Projects fitted out our 6000 square foot facility with a drive in racking system, 2 mezzanine floors, new sales offices with kitchen area, shelving and heavy duty pallet racking system. Professional, competitive and always with a sense of humour to hand they did an outstanding job.

- Philip Shaw, Managing Director, The Ramp People, Esher -

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