The Brief

Last year we were contacted by Besmoke Limited to install a pallet racking system at their Arundel location in West Sussex. Whilst the project had some challenges and difficulties, after a short on-site discussion and deliberation, the final design was completed in a swift time frame.

Who Is Besmoke Limited?

Besmoke Limited occupies an AA Grade BRC Accredited factory where they use custom-built chambers to create their smoked products. Their 12-ton facility occupies a total space of 10,000 square feet; creating the need for reliable storage solutions to support their continually operating smoking plant.

The Solution

In December last year (2018) we installed a pallet racking system with drive-thru bays and upright protection. At Besmoke Limited's new storage facility in West Sussex.

Our first challenge was an issue regarding aisle space. We needed to achieve a high density of storage for pallets, whilst also offering as much aisle space for fork lift trucks as possible. In order to combat this challenge and provide for the needs of our client, we combined Drive-Thru bays with standard wide aisle pallet racking. This resulted in a system that makes the best use out of the roof line.

In total 120 pallets were accommodated within this system, whilst maintaining 100% pallet access. However, in order to reduce the risk of damage, rack aisle protection was also installed as well as upright protectors to every aisle facing upright.

So How Long Did This Project Take To Complete?

This instillation itself was completed within just three days; however the initial lead time was two weeks.

Pallet Racking Options From P&D Projects

We can provide a diverse range of pallet racking systems including options designed for warehouses and installation of link 51 racking. For example, one of the most popular methods for installation is the wide aisle solution which provides ample space for fork lift trucks to operate.

Our team of warehouse storage experts can also provide a range of maintenance services to ensure that your business' racking is in good working condition. Racking can be damaged in a wide variety of different ways, so it's always important to frequently check your warehouse racking for damage so that any and all necessary repairs are carried out. Our repair team are familiar with a wide variety of different pallet rack manufactures; including but not limited to Link 51, Apex, Dexion, Planned Storage, and Hilo.

However, in addition to the above services, The P&D team can also provide services for relocation, assisting your business by dismantling and reinstalling your existing racking and adding new components when needed.

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P&D Projects fitted out our 6000 square foot facility with a drive in racking system, 2 mezzanine floors, new sales offices with kitchen area, shelving and heavy duty pallet racking system. Professional, competitive and always with a sense of humour to hand they did an outstanding job.

- Philip Shaw, Managing Director, The Ramp People, Esher -

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